Dawn has a natural ability to connect with both the angelic realm and those who have crossed over with amazing ease. Her natural abilities as a psychic medium as well as her ability to channel the Archangels provides a uniquely moving session for those she does private sessions on. It is truly Dawn’s greatest joy to act as a psychic microphone for the beautiful spirits she brings through.


Join Dawn for a private session in which she will connect with your loved ones, guides and angels to help you receive the answers and validations you need to move forward in your life. You may want to think ahead about the questions you have so that the time is filled completely with the divine experience of connecting with your loved ones, angels and guides. This is simply a session unlike anything you have ever experienced before! Each session is recorded and a copy is emailed out to the client the same day.

Half Hour Sessions $129

One Hour Sessions $195

One Hour Group Reading (3-4 people) $240

Two Hour Group Reading (10+ people) $65 per person

Dawn is currently accepting bookings for private sessions into late Spring 2018. 
She generally books 3-6 months in advance. Click on the link below
to be directed to our online booking service. See you soon!


Important Waiver The sessions and services offered here are not intended to replace seeking services such as medical, psychological, or counseling from a licensed Physician, Psychiatrist, or Counselor. Sessions and training are not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological, or counseling treatment or therapy.


If you are unable to have a private session with Dawn because of
distance or time restrictions, phone sessions are also available.

Half Hour Session $129

One Hour Sessions $195