You have absolutely blown me and my family away with your rare gift. This past week we learnt that there were two negative presences in my mother home, and they had attached onto my sister invading her head and thoughts. My family was utterly terrified. I got into touch with Dawn, and she was able to help my family be rid of the negative spirits. My sister woke up this morning with relief and she felt as though they were gone. (Dawn) was also able to connect with my fiance’s brother who had passed. She was able to tell him things that nobody would have known, and she completely blew us away with the words she spoke. My family can breathe and feel safe again, and my fiance has a major weight lifted off his shoulders. If anyone is considering using Dawn as their medium to contact lost loved ones, she is the absolute real deal and you will not regret it. We cannot wait for our next reading in March. God bless you and everything that you do!


Dawn is unbelievable at what she does. She said things that literally no one besides my family would know, and explained things very thoroughly. My dad came through, and she said things in the exact same way my dad always used to.. It was a phenomenal experience and I am sooo thankful I got the opportunity to have a reading with her. 100% recommend to anyone who is looking to reach out to a loved one who has crossed over!


I had an appointment with you this past Saturday and I just wanted to thank you. Not only did you give me peace of mind and confirm many things for me, you gave me much to think about. I will definitely be making another appointment with you in the near future.


When I had a reading with you a few months ago, I asked what signs my loved ones would show me. You asked me if I knew Waylon Jennings and I said yes; then you said that that would be a sign from my father-in-law – a Waylon Jennings song. I spent weeks and weeks listening for it…however, CISN doesn’t really play much Waylon Jennings, and I don’t listen to any other country stations. Of course I forgot about it after awhile. At the end of February, my son was playing his final hockey game in minor hockey (my son lived and breathed for hockey and I, as a single mom, was there for every single game possible, and usually his only family member, aside from his brother. And for the past 4 years, I have played music for the games.). As this was his last game, both he and I had become somewhat emotional over the weeks leading up to it. I tried hard not to cry at his game, since it would be hard enough for him not to. At this game, I actually offered to work as scorekeeper, meaning someone else would play music, a dad who sometimes relieved me from the sound box and usually played music during intermissions. So during the first intermission, a song came on that “sounded” like Waylon, but it wasn’t a song I ever heard before. Sure enough, I went up to the sound box to ask him, and he verified that it was, indeed, Waylon. I spent so many years as my son’s only family spectator. This was verification that his grandpa was watching, too.


Thank you for bring your love to us and showing us how to truly embrace the Goddesses. I feel great and have much work to do and am ready to jump in with both feet. This weekend was a major turning point for me and I am now ready to fully trust in myself and all that is available to me. Thank you for doing what you do.


Just wanted to let you know that I still think about the awesome, impromptu reading you did for me in Kona. Everything you said about my daughter, Leoni, was so spot on. I still think of her great grandparents watching over her and being so proud and showing their olive groves. And the fact that my Mum was there rubbing my back. It’s one of the most special readings I’ve ever had. Thank you, you have a great gift.


I attended Dawn`s Goddess Workshop in March and April of 2008 with my two daughters. It was so eye opening to learn about the power of the Goddesses. I look forward to calling on the Goddess energy in the future. I really enjoyed discovering the Goddess within me. The atmosphere was upbeat and positive. There were some really fun learning tools for the whole group to participate in. I felt that I left this workshop feeling that I had made some new friends. Thank you Dawn for taking to time to plan and implement this workshop.


Dawn, I must say you are an extremely powerful healer. Thank you for your loving healing. I felt it and it has restored my soul to a stable vibration. As well, I just want to let you know that your channeling of the Archangel’s Message just keeps on giving.


I have had a few sessions with Dawn so far and many more to come for sure. In one session she told me all about myself, members of my family and with such accurate details that only we would only know. She had no way of knowing any of that. She also confirmed my husband’s new business venture before he even knew he was doing it!! A few days later the venture was a go and all has been great! Dawn is an amazing woman who truly does have a special gift. I enjoy the times Dawn and I share.


Dawn McConnell’s angel workshops are conducted in an informal, open, and non-judgmental manner. Dawn is very passionate about introducing others to the angels that she loves; she balances teaching about angels with “hands-on” exercises designed so you can experience angels for yourself. If your intuition is guiding you to take one of her courses, I encourage you to do so. You can expect a rich emotional experience that is deeply personal, putting you in touch with your own inner voice as much as with the voice of spirit.


When I first met Dawn, I had been recently diagnosed with Cancer, she immediately picked up on my fear and where my body was affected before I said anything. She has provided me with the reassurance I am not alone, that I am surrounded with divine support as well as strong emotional support from family and friends. The meditation we practiced together has opened my imagination and has allowed me to centre and focus my attention on healing. I do not know where this journey into cancer will take me, but I do not feel gripped with fear like I was. I will continue to work with Dawn as I feel my emotional and psychological well being need as much attention as my physical body will receive from the medical profession.