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Dawn McConnell Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Therapist
An outstanding medium, Dawn has had an amazing connection to the energetic world and spirits since she was a little girl.  Her deep faith and trust in the creator has always been the foundation of her life. This faith was the catalyst that guided her into delivering messages professionally and continues to be the cornerstone of her professional and personal life.
Through her abilities as a Psychic Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner ® and Spiritual Life Coach Dawn will connect you to your loved ones who have crossed over, your angels, the archangels, and your personal guides. Dawn has appeared numerous times on TV and radio and has done thousands of life changing sessions for her clients.
Dawn's goal is to empower you in your spiritual growth, to help facilitate the change necessary to raise yourself to your highest potential, and she strives to be a beacon of the Divine’s love for you!! Connecting you to your loved ones and bringing forth messages from the other side continues to be Dawn's greatest joy. Come and experience a session for yourself.  You will never be the same.....

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The latest testimonial from a recent client:

You have absolutely blown me and my family away with your rare gift. It's not everyday that you wake up and find out that your 11 year old sister has communicated and been bothered by negative spirits in your family's home. This past week we learnt that there were two negative presences in my mother home, and they had attached onto my sister invading her head and thoughts. My family was utterly terrified. I got into touch with Dawn, and she was able to help my family be rid of the negative spirits. My sister woke up this morning with relief and she felt as though they were gone. This may mean that my baby sister has a gift.. and I know if this were to continue, Dawn would 100% be able to help her spiritually and give her guidance. Above everything that she did for my family, she was also able to connect with my fiances brother who had passed. She was able to tell him things that nobody would have known and she completely blew us away with the words she spoke. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us, and I couldn't even imagine how the next couple days would have went for my mother and sisters if we hadn't of contacted you. This experience has honestly changed something inside of me, and in this short time, I look and see things differently now. My family can breathe and feel safe again, and my fiance has a major weight lifted off his shoulders. If anyone is considering using Dawn as their medium to contect with lost loved ones, She is the absolute real deal and you will not regret it. We cannot wait for our next reading in March - God bless you and everything that you do! XOXO
-Tianna & Family

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